Surfer Girl is a lifestyle brand for young women. Inspired by “LOVE, NATURE, FRIENDS & FUN”, our roots are in the beautiful island of Bali so we grew up with some of the best waves on earth. Today the popularity of “The Best All Girls Surf Shop in The World”, and our ultimate ambassador “Summer” (whose face is our now infamous logo) has led to the development of our home brand, “Summerland” in Bali, the availability of Surfer Girl products in department stores throughout Indonesia, and the start of brand growth internationally. Our dream is to continue to be “The Best All Girls Surf Shop in The World”, and ultimately, “The Happiest Brand in The World”. We continue to try to make a positive difference with everything that we do.

If you are interested in e-commerce, care about nature, and love being in a fun and fast moving environment, this is the job for you!


1. Desainer Grafis