Surfing in Batu Bolong Bali
< Back   Post on : May 8, 2015

Hi Girls ^^ August 10th 2014 was a big day for our beloved Surfer Girl team riders, especially for Taina, Cinta, and Dhea smiley They competed in a surf competition for women called “Women Surfing” at Batu Bolong Beach, Canggu, Bali smiley Let’s check out the fun they had that day!

Indonesia was not the only country who sent its best surfers to represent. Japan and France did too! Wow, they sure did show off their groovy moves! This event was also a very special one for Dhea because her best friend from Japan, Hikaru came to visit smiley They literally bumped into each other 5 years ago, on one of the beaches in Bali, and they’ve been friends ever since laugh Cute friendship story, right girls? ^^

The girls took a photo together, wearing their best cute smiles and showing off a few awesome poses to freeze the moment and make it last forever laugh Say cheeeesse! After a great photo session, our girls swam out to sea and danced with the waves smiley Such a beautiful day!

Love, Summer heart