Surfer Girl CSR and IDEP Go to Gianyar
< Back   Post on : December 5, 2014

Hi Girls ^^ on the last April 25th 2014, Surfer girl held a CSR activity with people from IDEP Bali foundation to Batuan Kaler Village, Sukawati, Gianyar, Bali. IDEP is a foundation which gives education about environment to people. To celebrates the Earth Day on last April 25th 2014, IDEP established a number of activities with environmental themed for children and mothers in the village :)

The activities started with cleaning the village and continued with educating mothers about farming in their own home garden. After that, there was a paint the trash can and wall with environment themed competition. Wow, the results were awesome girls! The event became even more exiting with the singing and poem reading contest. Our friends from Sari Hati foundation is also exhibit the Bali Dancing, singing, and played music :)

With the existence of this activity, not only to drills our creativity but as well to get the knowledge and education about environment from IDEP foundation while sharing with all the friends girls :)

Love, Summer ❤