Surfer Girl 17th Birthday Celebration
< Back   Post on : February 25, 2015

Hi Girls ^^ Surfer Girl celebrated our 17th birthday by having a super sweet party ^^

Our birthday was on Tuesday, February 17th 2015 and it was SUPER FUN! We decided to celebrate in the spirit of “SHARE FOR A HAPPY TOMORROW” because we felt that it is a theme worthy of reminding us all to take good care of both others and our surrounding environment smiley

What was extra special about this year’s birthday celebration? I think it was the collaboration between some of our Surfer Girl family members and Dria Raba, an organisation for visually impaired children, which led to a fantastic musical performance!  smiley They totally owned the stage! ^^ Some of our Surfer Girl family members also flashed their talents through singing, modern dancing, traditional Balinese dancing, and even as a DJ laugh How super cool is that? ^^

I’d also like to mention the super awesome Balinese musicians and environmental activists from FOR BALI who came up on stage and sparked the birthday show with their awesome songs smiley They also shared some precious knowledge about the environment with all of us ^^ Let’s check out the fun right here, girls! smiley

Last in show, but certainly not least in importance, Surfer Girl handed over the “Change For A Change” donations, provided to support medical services at Yayasan Peduli Kemanusiaan foundation (YPK). We also had several appreciation rewards for our family members who have been focusing their attention on the environment by collecting plastic waste to recycle! Woohoo ^^

Happy Birthday Surfer Girl! Let’s make a positive difference through everything that we do smiley

Love, Summer heart