< Back   Post on : July 3, 2015

Hi Girls ^^ The Big family of Surfer Girl and The Nature Conservancy held a special event at Halfway Beach, Bali on the 26th of June 2015 to celebrate the end of SUPA NOW campaign. We did some positive activities together with The Nature Conservancy such as beach clean up, terrarium and plantable paper workshops by the Surfer Girl Green Ambassadors: Patricia and Bintang. We also had the chance to gain some knowledge about ocean ecosystem from Sutra, a marine biologist from The Nature Conservancy smiley The day ended with a fun game and brunch by the beach ^^ What a super awesome day! laugh

Surfer Girl would also like to thank each one of you who had shared the SUPA NOW Campaign posts in Surfer Girl social media smiley We managed to donate IDR 10.000.000,- to support the endangered animals conservation program to The Nature Conservancy laugh Wouldn’t have done it without your help, Girls! Once again, HUGE THANKS to all SURFER GIRL WILDLIFE RANGERS around the world :D See you on Surfer Girl’s next campaigns! laugh

Let’s make a positive difference in everything that we do smiley

Love, Summer heart