Health Service and Educational Program with Bali Humanitarian Caring Foundation
< Back   Post on : December 5, 2014

Hi Girls ^^ on the last May 19th 2014, Surfer Girl and Yayasan peduli kemanusiaan (YPK) foundation established the education and ear health service to the people of Banjar Banda, Blahbatuh Village, Gianyar, Bali :)

This program is part of the Bali Rungu program from YPK which aims to give education about the importance of ear helth and check up also cleansing the ear for free to the community of Bali. This program is organized with the medical team from YPK Bali Rungu.

The community of Banjar Banda welcomed this program with enthusiasm. With the number of 95 people that consists of children, adults and seniors were attending this program. In addition of getting information about ear health, they were also get a free ear health service.

Program Bali Rungu diharapkan dapat mengedukasi masyarakat supaya dapat meminimalisir kerusakan pendengaran dan menjaga kesehatan telinga ^^

The Bali Rungu program are hoped to gives education to the community so to minimize the hearing loss and as well to protect their ear health.

Love, Summer ❤