Care Share Respect in Cilincing, Jakarta
< Back   Post on : January 7, 2015

Hi Girls ^^ Sharing Is Caring! Surfer Girl and Paloma recently participated in yet another social activity in Jakarta. They visited the area of Cilincing and met with 88 elderly people who live there.

It was an amazing experience for Surfer Girl! We enjoyed our lunch and had a SUPER FUN time with them smiley Surfer Girl and Paloma came with lots of goodie bags for the people here, inclusive of food and housewares.

Prior to the arrival of the New Year, Surfer Girl was very busy! We participated in lots of activities for social good and this visit to the community of Cilincing was one of them. Other than this, we also donated 200 pcs of clothing from Surfer Girl’s collections to orphans in the island of Nias smiley

We are hoping that by keeping ourselves busy with these kinds of activities, we might be able to help society – we really would like to help as many people as we can. Stay tuned for more stories from us, and don’t forget to make a positive difference through everything that you do ^^

Love, Summer heart