Breast Cancer Seminar with Bali Pink Ribbon
< Back   Post on : December 5, 2014

Hi Girls ^^ on the last 1 and 2 May 2014, Surfer girl with Bali Pink Ribbon established a seminan about breast cancer to Denpasar and Badung Regent Office, Bali. This seminar is one of the CSR (Care, Share, Respect) program which is regularly established by Surfer Girl, as one of the form of Surfer Girl concern towards the surrounding community and also environment. This visit is aim for socializing to the Bali community, especially for women, about breast cancer and how to prevent it :)

Before the program starts, all the participants got to do the registration first, after that, the Bali Pink Ribbon member going to start explaining about the breast cancer. What appeals more, this time, Bali Pink Ribbon is supported by the medical team from Singapore :) That makes all the participants getting more enthusiasts because they could get the answer from the doctor specialist :)

The program continued with breast screening by the doctors and nurses. With early check-up, we can detect and take the right step to prevent or overcome it. This program are hoped to increase the knowledge of Bali community especially women to keep protecting their body health so they can prevent the disease ^^ Keep healthy, girls!

Love, Summer ❤