Taina Rocked Rote Open 2015
< Back   Post on : November 13, 2015

Hi Girls ^^ Another HUGE surfing competition was held this week, starting from November 8th to 12th, 2015, and got every great surfer around Indonesia excited to compete in it! Yes, I’m talking about Rote Open 2015 which was held on Bo’a Beach, Rote Island laugh This competition was divided into two divisions; Men and Women Open! Taina Izquerdo, one of the Surfer Girl Team Rider members, also joined the competition in Women Open division and had successfully stolen everyone eyes with her rockin’ moves on those 3-4 foot high waves! Coming as the 2nd winner, once again she proved that she was not kidding about stepping up her game to become the best surfer! Let’s check out a video from the competition, recorded by the Asian Surfing Competition team:

Once again, congratulations, Taina and we are SO proud of you!

Please stay tuned for more of Surfer Girl Team Riders updates, Girls ^^

Love, Summer heart