Surfer Girl Team Riders Dhea and Natasya Nearly Won the Halfway Grommet Attack Series
< Back   Post on : May 8, 2015

Hi Girls ^^ August 31st 2014 was another one of those BIG DAYs for the Surfer Girl Team Riders, especially for Cinta, Kailani, Dhea, and Taina! Can you guess what day it was, Girls? It was the starting day of the Halfway Grommet Attack surfing championship! Let’s take a look at what a SUPA FUN day it turned out to be, Girls smiley

Look how much fun the Surfer Girl team riders had whilst competition! Dhea won 2nd place in the Under 16 Girls Division category and Cinta was close behind her, catching 3rd place for the same category laugh Congratulations, girls ^^

Stay tuned for more updates from our Surfer Girl Team Riders ^^

Love, Summer heart