< Back   Post on : November 16, 2015

Hi Girls ^^ Surfer Girl is so proud to announce that one of our team riders has won an award on Asian Surfing Competition (ASC) Tour Award 2015! Woohoo! Congratulations to CINTA HANSEL for winning the “GIRLS JUNIOR CHAMPION” wink Cinta received the award on November 14th 2015 at SKAI BEACH CLUB, BALI accompanied by the other Surfer Girl team rider members who were being very supportive! She stood tall on stage with some of the best surfers in Indonesia, such as Rina Kitazawa, Raju Sena, and Raditya Rondi, holding up her winning trophy laugh Her smile lit up from ear to ear that night and made us all proud to have such a talented, beautiful, young surfer in our team! Let’s see how amazing and super cool Cinta was when she danced with the waves through this video, recorded by the ASC Tour team:

Please keep supporting the Surfer Girl Team Riders and stay tuned for more super splashy fun updates! And once again..congratulations Cinta! We’re all so proud of you!!

Love, Summer heart