Destination Happiness with Surfer Girl Photo Contest Winners
< Back   Post on : October 1, 2014

Hi Girls ^^ Wohoo! Finally the time has come :) Since now Summer will announce the winner for ‘Destination Happiness with Surfer Girl Photo Contest’ which held since the last June 9th. For those who enter this contest, prepare to read the name listed below. Who knows your name is on the list :)


Anita Dwijayanti
Bella Indira
Piyee Ulpah

Yaay! Congratulation for those three name listed above who made it as the winner of this contest :)

As the winner you have the right to get a prize which is a wrap up product from Surfer Girl from Summerland!

The winner will be contacted through email for confirmation, please check your own email and reply to the data confirmation :) so your prize could be process and send to your own address :) The latest confirmation is due to Friday, July 4th 2014

For those who is not on the list yet, don’t worry.. Because Surfer Girl will keep presenting you lots of others fun contest :) That’s why you have to stay tuned in here as well in our Facebook Fan Page Surfer Girl :)

Love, Summer  ?