Winner of “Dance to Care - The Happy Dance” Contest 2013
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Hi Girls ^^ Sparkly News from Surfer Girl! After being held for 4 months, finally today Surfer Girl will announce the winner from “Dance to Care – The Happy Dance” Contest :)

The election that leads to the first winner were a pretty long journey, girls :)

Started with around 26 creative video that uploaded trough ^^ all the video looks very cheerful and full of good meaning of  ‘Dance to Care’ :) there were contestant who dance for Oranguran Outreach, UNICEF, Walhi Bali, as well to the orphanage that is located near their house ^^ Wow it’s so amazing because all the contestant really means to help others trough this competition :)

On the last September 1st 2013 - September 15th 2015, the voting period is opened and from this voting, has chosen 20 best videos from your choice :) from the best 20 videos then soon after conducted the judging by judges panel from Surfer Girl. The result from the judges leads to the best 10 videos which they see the originality and the harmony within friends, expression/creativity also talent.

After finding the best 10 videos, on September 19th – September 29th 2013, the voting are back again in Surfer Girl fanpage and so were decided the top 5 videos which are BEST of the BEST :) then the finale judging from Surfer girl judges team which take place from September 29th up tp October 6th. And then finally, today we get all the names of the winner of this contest ‘ Happy Dance – Dance to Care’!! Yaay!! :)

All the judges said that they loved the video of Happy Dance, girls ^^ Summer as well, she saw every videos that uploaded to the websites and loved it ^^ if she could choose, of course Summer will choose every single one of them to be the winner :) but this is a competition, so there always only one first winner who can get the grand prize ^^ and this is the result:

Congratulations to,


As the 1st winner and entitled to the first grand prize in the form of Surfer Girl product that worth Rp 20,000,000 which consist of Surfer Girl from Summerland package worth Rp 2,000,000 and Surfer Girl from Summerland online shopping voucher worth Rp 1,500,000 every month to the next 12 months! Woohoo! :)

Other than that, donation that worth Rp 10,000,000 from Surfer Girl will be given to WALHI BALI on behalf Nadya Metta Kangga! Woohoo :) So happy to share with others :)

Congratulation as well to Luh Nadya Harum Bunga who got the runner up or the second place and will be given a product from Surfer Girl from Summerland that worth Rp 5,000,000! And also to Adriani Sari Faddilah who got the second runner up or the third place, you will be given a product as a prize from Surfer Girl Summerland that worth Rp 3,000,000 :) Congratulation for the top three winners of Happy Dance ^^

In addition to the top 3 winners, Surfer Girl also give prizes which is online shopping voucher wirth Rp 200,000 to Murni and Angella Monica who got into the top 5 best video!

Yaayy! So happy to dance while sharing by doing the Happy Dance just like what our friends has done :) for those who has not be in the winner list, cheer up! Surfer Girl is having another fun contest ^^ for example, the Facebook contest ‘On the way to 3 million fans’ on Surfer Girl Fan Page ^^

Once again, CONGRATULATION to the winners who made it to the top 5 on Surfer Girl Happy Dance Contest :) stay tunes for more fun contest from Surfer Girl ^^

Love, Summer ?

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